Conventional Wounds



Conventional Wound Care Supplies




Disposable Plasters

Hypoallergenic adhesive blue colored for easy detection, PVC-free does not adhere to the wound; impervious to water and dirt, breathable, with a metallic layer for effective internal electromagnetic detention.

Plastic Plasters

Plastic Plasters are sticking plasters in polyethylene film, adhesive synthetic core with high absorbency, can be removed without pain, skin color.

Dermaplast dressings for Analysis

Suitable for fast application after injections and minor injuries, for use on patients with sensitive skin or in particularly sensitive parts of the body.

Sensitive elastic plasters

Especially suitable for treatment of small lesions especially in joints and conical parts of the body, for patients with sensitive skin or in sensitive parts of the body.




Gauze compress with high absorbency, non-woven white, free of binding agents and bleaching agents. Dispensing box laid out in order to facilitate its removal.

Indication / Use
For the treatment of wounds in general as pads and sponges during interventions to external and internal patients.



Postoperative dressings

Self adhesive dressing that is distinguished from traditional dressings for their innovative combination of materials. Suitable for the treatment of post-operative wound. The absorbent core is 100% cotton; adheres to body contours and has excellent absorbing and protective properties. The soft non-woven fabric covering is permeable to air and water vapor, thus not interfering with the natural functions of the skin.

Indication / Use
For the treatment of post-operative wounds and sterile coverage of small wounds, eg. first aid.



Post-operative dressings for fixing IV catheters

Sterile dressing used for fixing IV catheters and tubes. Cosmopor. V. is a sterile dressing that has an absorbent core placed on a small adhesive based on synthetic rubber, covered with polyester fabric, which is cut in the center. It is included a small additional absorbent dressing.terile dressing used for fixing IV catheters and tubes.

Indication / Use
For fixing IV catheters and tubes. Single use in multiple applications> 24 hrs to 30 days.
Rounded corners
Prevent the rolling of the same, even in case of prolonged use

Permeable to air and water vapor
Reliable protection against contamination

Painless to remove
Thanks to the hypoallergenic adhesive gentle to the skin




Grassolind neutral is a neutral bandage of gauze with Vaseline, air permeable. The impregnation is: petrolatum, diglycerol ester of fatty acids, monocarboxylic and dicarboxylic acids, and wax.

Indication / Use
For exuding superficial wounds, abrasions, lacerations, deep wounds, burns, scalds, acid burns, to cover areas donor and recipient of skin grafts and plastic and cosmetic surgery.




Omnisilk is a hypoallergenic adhesive in artificial white silk with synthetic glue; good properties of resistance to temperature and duration; permeable to air and water vapor, good adhesion and easy to tear, radiolucent.

Indication / Use
For the soft retention of patches, fixing probes, cannulas, catheters, etc.., For patients with sensitive skin




Self-adhesive hypoallergenic non-woven band with synthetic adhesive for securing dressings; especially soft and elastic widthwise; very permeable to air and water vapor, doesn't macerate; has good grip; is removed without pain and doesn't leave marks; sterilizable; neutral against X-rays; durable; does not alter due to changes in temperature.

Indication / Use
Fixation and retention of patches,, fully covering the joints and angular parts of the body without impeding movement; fixing equipment, catheters and cannulas, indicated for patients with sensitive skin. Available in several measures



Rolta solft

Rolta Soft is a bandage of synthetic cushioning, very soft, of crimped polyester fibers, non-absorbent. Respirable; especially soft and well tolerated by the skin, rather bulky, permeable to air and exudate; can be applied without wrinkles due to their longitudinal and transverse extensibility; removed with ease; may be sterilized and does not absorb X-rays.

Indication / Use
Rolta soft as material for protection under plaster bandages of Paris or as support and compression bandage when you want just a slight filling; especially suitable for patients with sensitive skin.





Transparent self-adhesive dressing for treating wounds, which favors the natural healing process by creating a favorable environment.
The hydrofilm protects the wound from pathogenic microorganisms, thus reducing the risk of secondary infections. The semipermeable polyurethane film facilitates the passage of gases and moisture. Since the hydrofilm is completely transparent, the wound may be inspected without removing the dressing

Indication / Use
Hydrofilm is particularly useful as a protective dressing for exuding uninfected slightly dry wounds, eg surgical wounds after dermabrasion or surgical skin grafts, first degree burns, abrasions and pressure sores, It can also be used as protection dressings against liquids and bacteria if it covers absorbent patches, (eg compresses, calcium alginates or to fix cannulas and catheters).

Transparent adhesive dressing with an absorbent core not adherent to the wound, thanks to the extremely thin and transparent film you can inspect the wound and the secretion absorbed by the absorbent core at any time, avoids unnecessary dressing changes; Hydrofilm Plus protects the wound from pathogens and is waterproof. Thus the risk of secondary infections is reduced and the patient can take a shower or bath. The semipermeable polyurethane film allows the passage of gases and moisture, the hypoallergenic adhesive layer ensures a good adhesion, even at difficult parts of the body.