Diagnostic Material



Medical Diagnostic Material




Arm Tensiometer

Indication / Use
Suitable for measuring blood pressure in the arm; accurate measuring values and reliable; guarantees the same reliability that the measurement of doctors wearing stethoscope, even at very high blood pressure and in several cases of arrhythmia.

Clinically validated by:
BHS – British Hypertension Society, 2007.Clinical validation in case of high voltage arterialmuito review A / A Herz-und Nordrhein-Westfalen Diabeteszentrum study with invasive method in the Heart and Diabetes Center at the University of Bochum - Germany - clinical validation in cases of atrial fibrillation ANSI/AAMI – Association for the advancement of Medical Instrumentation, 2007ESH – European Society of Hypertension, 2007 GHS – German Hypertension Society, 2007



Pulse Tensiometer

Tensoval mobil is a tensiometer with oscillometric technology with clamp measurement on the wrist; inflation and air outlet are completely automatic; measurement of diastolic, systolic and pulse; automatically turns off, memory function, battery operated, with a package to protect and store the appliance

Indication / Use
Suitable for wrist diameters of 12.5 cm to 22.5 cm, for more comfortable measurements.



Thermoval rapid

Digital thermometer for measuring temperature; reduces the waiting time to a minimum, a beep indicates the start and end of the measurement process; includes long battery life - about 3000 measurements; waterproof


Digital infrared technology thermometer for temperature measurement . Measuring the temperature was never so fast and accurate. In only 1 second is possible to measure the temperature in the ear. Includes batteries, rigid box and 6 cleaning wipes