Incontinence Pads



Incontinence Dressings and Material


Moliform Premium

Anatomical Pad for incontinence with anti leak barriers, absorbent core and wetness indicator; complete coverage on non-woven with elastic slips adjustments in the crotch; easy to apply with elastic slips.

Indication / Use
Selected according to the user's level of incontinence, incontinence mild to severe


Molimed Comfort

Maior Conforto
The new elastic slips in the crotch region of MoliMed Mini and Midi Max ensure an optimal fit and comfort

Maior Absorção
The absorbent core of 3 layers allows the absorption of a large amount of urine leading it quickly to the inside

Anatomic absorbent pad, with thin absorbent pillow, complete coverage in non-woven fabric, with elastic slips adjustments in the crotch; provides optimum protection against the feeling of moisture, is fixed securely to the underwear through adhesive strip



Maximum security anti leak
The edges of the outer film ensure maximum security against leakage

Polyester layer

Maximum Resistance
The outer film provides maximum strength.

Absorbent fabric
Fibers in nonwoven

Light blue layer of polyester laminated with polyurethane

Unique and patented calendering
The calendering leads to a perfect stability of the absorbent core

Molimed for Men Active

Pad especially designed for men, Super absorbent; neutralizes odor; outer layer active in comfortable fabric, new system of full protection (allroundProtectSystem); gives maximum safety due to high absorption and retention capacity, protects the skin from moisture by keeping it dry.

Optimum safety
Thanks to the super absorbent core retains moisture rapidly

Indication / Use
Suitable for men in cases of leakage; it is also indicated for post-operative surgeries to the prostate

Great comfort and discretion
Due to its unique anatomical shape